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March 2018 Cooking Class Schedule

To sign up to our class please contact: or check up out on instagram: Bangkok Bold Facebook page: Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio Our sister restaurant: Bangkok Bold Kitchen

Mother’s day special menus

Our special menus for Thai’s mother’s day in this #cookingclipscookingtips from Bangkok Bold Kitchen. We make yellow sour curry with pineapple from the south with crispy snake head fish was inspired from the trip to the south, flavor with turmeric, tamarind water, and fish sauce…a bit spicy but with the addition of pineapple chunks and…

CookingClipsCookingTips:Stir Fried Mckerels

One of the best selling dishes at out Bangkok Bold Kitchen restaurant is the stir fried mackerels with yellow chilies and pork cracklings. Here with our new #cookingclipcookingtips I share with you the recipes that we cook at our restaurant everyday. A dish that everyone loves, many steps yet simple enough that all ingredients get…