Fuzio Catering


(Our Past Projects)

Finishing dishes and behind the scene pictures from our project for Fuzio Catering. We were assigned to create 35 new menu items for their catering department. Both classic dishes and fusion bites were gathered here together. Enjoy!z_MG_7216 z_MG_7279


10014728_474993669298755_3247648858988928961_o 891753_474996539298468_756294555422365551_o10271293_474996229298499_1936449438596750636_o 10275546_474996255965163_4637098616526238244_o10265605_474994582631997_4848116778884833000_o 10014767_474993139298808_1817269823967116717_o 10014752_474994302632025_8335343513881775488_o 1900699_474995152631940_6238746135375343866_o1614290_474996192631836_4017204870505600467_o   859313_474995402631915_9212541683662968232_o 11.1 Korean chicken Burgers SONY DSC SONY DSC



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