“Oshun” The New Found Inspiration from Mae Hong Son

Oshun 2

(Vegetarian Flavors)

During our trip in Mae Hong Son we had stopped in “Pang Aoung” to cook with Aunty Sri at “Pala Guesthouse”. There we were introduced to “Oshun” from Mong Village. It is the first day of the harvest for the season, how lucky!

Oshun was very special especially for me who is ridiculously crazy about the young rice ( Khao Mao:https://bangkokbold.com/2014/10/23/khao-mao-our-way/). The tender branch has the aroma of young green rice, super fragrant and the texture of Chinese broccoli and mustard green together. Among all of us cooking crews, it is our first time seeing this vegetables. Aunty Sri’s family had sent these beauties back to Bangkok with us, so I make this vegetable miso gravy for the Soba noodle for lunch. This recipe is easy enough to make and with all the special character of Oshun, you won’t be disappointed.


Pound together garlic, white pepper, and cilantro roots to make a paste. Saute them in rice bran oil until fragrant, add Miso, diced onion, carrots, and straw mushroom.

Season to taste with soy sauce, and sweet dark soy sauce, salt and pepper if needed. Add water, roughly 6 cups and bring up to a boil..check your seasoning.

Make a slurry using water and arrowroot starch, bring the broth up to a boil and slowly add the slurry to thicken and make it into a gravy like consistency…check your seasoning and adjust as needed.

Bring the now thick gravy up to a boil, add prepared Oshun and keep stirring.  Oshun should be just cooked through and released its sweetness and aroma…serve over cooked Soba Noodle, sprinkle with freshly toasted Sesame.

P.S. While preparing Oshun, be sure to have a bowl of water ready as it will release the gunny white liquid as you peel. Soaking the peeled Oshun in water will prevent the oxidation and it will stay green.

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