Lotus Roots..bring on the happiness

(The Edible Footprints)

Lotus roots to me and my family are more than just organically grown vegetables from nature but it does contain so many benefits for the body. Often times after an over worked period you body craves for things that are beneficial and healthy, well lotus root is the perfect choice. Starting back in the Chinese Era of Ming Dynasty, Lotus roots were considered the root of the soul. It was believed that it create that happiness momentum in the body…I found it not only beneficial but also delicious in all shapes and forms.

Today I share with you my family recipe of Lotus roots soups with soft peanuts and pork spare ribs.

— Soak 2 hands full of dried peanut and 5-10 dried Shitake mushroom overnight, drain and rinse well

—  In a pot, simmer pork spareribs with a bit of salt in water until tender…about 1 hour…be sure to skim out the fat during the process

— Prepare the lotus roots by peeling the skin out and slice into medium size rings

— Add the soaked peanuts, lotus roots, and shitake mushroom to the broth and cook over medium heat for 1-2 hour longer until all flavours have combined and the spareribs are fork tender….Serve warm

P.S. Lotus roots are great when cooked in water and sweetened up with some rock sugar.. chill and drink…so refreshing and good for you..Enjoy!


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