Noodle equals longevity, Happy Chinese New Year

Mee Sua, Tapooh Mee Sua , Tapooh 2     (The Edible Footprints) Chinese New Year in our culture is all about giving back, not only us looking forward to those red envelopes filled with some pocket money from the adults but the opportunity for all relatives to get together in memories of the ancestors who had passed away.  There are some typical set of goods must be set up for the offer the most typical ones are Chicken and Duck. Chicken represents the good fortune in terms of work and Duck represents the the money and wealth that will be increased each year. On top of all the typical offering each family would prepare their set of dishes/side dishes and made those a complete meal. For my family there is always a noodle staple to this occasion, we believe that eating long strands of noodles bring us longevity and this is how we prepare it. Vegetarian Mee Sua Stir Fry: –Cook the dried Chinese noodle in a salted boiling water until half cooked, rinse the starch out with water and strain — In a pan over medium heat, add vegetable oil and saute soaked shitake mushrooms and season with sugar and soy sauce , remove and set aside — Add more oil in the pan and stir fry cabbage until soften, remove and set aside — Add oil to the pan and start stir fry the noodle, season with soy sauce and a bit of sugar, add cooked mushrooms, cabbage, and sliced carrots to the noodle — Once all cooked and well seasoned, add Chinese celery and sprinkle some white pepper Bold Appetit!

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