Samuay and Sons, Udonthani



Miang Din


Mah Aoun


Mushroom Salad


Lon Pla Insee


Gang Runjuan


Our Table

(The underrated stalls)

Talking about being a chef and wanting to cook the way one want, the strong will to source out the freshest local ingredients possible and let that inspiration comes through the food being served to all diners, I am sure that is what all of us least that is what I truly want.

Aside from the famous Udonthani’s restaurant like “Krua Khun Nid” and other local meals, we had to make a food stop in town to support the restaurant that we think unique and put so much care into every details of the food they serve. Samuay and Sons ran by Chef Num who spent many years cooking in the States before returning home and turned his family’s former tailor shop into the restaurant of his dream. Serving creative Thai food with the focus on local ingredients and freedom to create new dishes under the inspirations from Traditional Thai cookbooks and fresh ingredients, just my kind of deal!

We had ordered many dishes (more than we could have snapped pictures) ;

“Miang Din” (The black sesame, barley, and asparagus mixture served with betel leaves and tamarind glaze: Creative, beautifully presented, so refreshing and definitely one of our favorites)

“Mah Aoun” (“Chicken and crab mousseline”): Soy and sesame flavor, easy to eat for all palates, another dish that represent what he has interpret the traditional Thai snack into something new of his own

“Nam Prik Khee Gar” (Roasted chilies and fish relish), “Lon Pla Insee” (Mackerel coconut lon) with fermented rice all comes with great condiment that has put together nicely from local veggies (From the feature image–Dok Khae Farang: Our favorite) and the condiment like Moo sarong (Pork meat balls and crunchy noodle) and grilled red curry fish cakes

“Mushroom and chili jam salad” and “Pork spare rib ranjuan soup” (Gang Runjuan Kradook moo aon) were also nicely done and well put together

“Stuffed squid stir fried”: was also really well executed, the squid were moist and tender

The prices are friendly and the ambiance is definitely right! I adore everything about this restaurant from the menus, the creative non alcohol drink lists, the set up of the the songs that being played…it has been thought of so throughly well.

Being the Thai restaurant industry I have seen many kinds of chefs/cooks who has staged or work at many famous restaurants and learnt from the best the end they went out and do their own things, not very often I would see their own touches being put together like what Chef Num did. For my disappointment most of them make the exact same dish that belongs to those great chef they had worked for and called it their own…. wouldn’t want that…at least I don’t.

So if you are in Udonthani please give Samuay and Sons a visit, it’s truly worth it because you are not only supporting the local farmers but also all those who involved.


Samuay and Sons

With Chef Num, Samuay and sons

  • Address
    133/25 Ponepisai Road, Changwat Udon Thani, Udon Thani, Thailand 41000
  • Hours
    Tue – Sun:
    11:00 am – 9:30 pm



  1. I wish I could travel. I would love to come to Thailand and eat at your restaurant, but for now I can only try to recreate Thai food on my own. Not as good as the authentic food of Thailand, but better than none at all. I wish you much luck in all future undertakings.


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