Homestay: Where Homes Stay : ณ โฮมสเตย์บ้านเชียงแหว อำเภอ กุมภวาปี จังหวัด อุดรธานี 1/3


(Food Stops)

We are too crazy about cooking and staying with locals if you don’t know that by now. Though we have some rules about our stay at the home stays everywhere to be honest, there are many rules we won’t admit. We are very picky about the bathrooms, not that it has to be all fancy up but as long as it is cleaned and convenient we are ok. I turn to home stay more often now especially when there is cooking with locals involved, it is the best way to get to know the locals and really get to see what is truly going on.

This trip we visited the lotus pond in Kumpawapi, Udonthani; it is more than the beautiful pond that you visit and take plenty of selfies but more to that you could do so much with it. Lotus is very cross utilization, every part of it could be used for so many things. We chose to stay at Baan Chiangwae, with Khun Puangtong (Line ID: พวง บัวแดงเซ็นเตอร์) which was not a disappointment. P’Puang, the leader of Chiangwae community, had prepared meals for us. We learned how to make fermented fish (Pla rah) and Jaew Bong (Fermented fish and herb relish)–More on that is coming soon on the next article.

Now the lotus pond is incredible (too beautiful to be captured through any expensive lens), the meals by P’Puang and her family…too good to be true, Isan cooking lesson? more than one could ever asked for.

Home stay is truly where home stays…warm and comfort, convenient and fun, reasonable price, and the lesson and friendship that money can’t buy.


Home Made Fermented fish and dried chili relish (Jaew Bong)

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BKB-1195 BKB-1116

Beautiful photos by Asobi&Co


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