Thai Yai Breakfast : อาหารไทยใหญ่ ณ เมืองปอน จ.แม่ฮ่องสอน 2/2

“Dok Kee Ked” : “ดอกขี้เก็ด”


“Dok Kee Ked”: ดอกขี้เก็ด : The Thyme look alike but with stronger leaves and stems, a tad bitterness gives this herb/vegetable my new favourite thing!




Med Mak Hong: The key ingredient that gives the Toddy Palm Sugar the unique nuttiness and also act as a natural preservative



Tua Nao Sa: The moldy soy bean: ถั่วเน่าซา I was told these are the soaked soybeans that had been fermented with salt for 2-3 nights until the moldy texture forms around all soybeans


Pon’s morning market


Ma Lord: มะหลอด Red ones were tangy and yellow ones were sweet: both were juicy and locally grown. If planted right, the red ones could taste sweet too. A bit tannin in them helped us with the motion sickness




With Auntie Buagnao, the owner of the homestay


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