Summer and its benefits

(Thoughtful Vegetarian)

Summer in Thailand is pretty hot this year, in fact it’s always hot in this side of the world but there are many ways to utilize the benefits of the sun. Obviously here in Thailand we have plenty for seasonal ingredients, Thai cuisine in most of the household consists of many things that has been dried in the sun. Just like the universal cooking rules, once the liquid in all these things we dry has evaporated the taste of that ingredients become more intense plus they keep longer.

Here are some of the things I always dry at my house to later use in my kitchen. Drying my own chilies not only I could control the cleanliness but could save me tons of money. I could buy loads of them while the price is reasonable and dry them, save up the space to keep them, save some money, and I could be sure that they are clean.

Now, what are you drying this summer?

FullSizeRender 20150410-IMG_7341


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