Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio

We have started as a cooking/food blog for fun just for the sake of it since it is what we do every single day. A year and a half ago we have started a cooking studio named after our food blogs where we have partnered up with friends to teach cooking classes from basic recipes to a level up old recipes. We couldn’t be more thankful for the warm welcome and all students/tourists/local residences who have supported us along the way. Today’s blog post is just to update on what we are doing on our cooking class part.

We do offer monthly cooking class schedule which is updated every 20th of each month on our facebook page at Classes are changed each month on some of the programs but there are a few programs on stand by monthly for those who search for basic recipes as a new beginners.

We do enjoy passing on the knowledge and simply made techniques you could apply to your home made meals where the results stay the same just like how the dishes were made by professional chefs….sometimes and I mean a lot of time…things are best when we go back to basics.

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